If gravity is kidding you again. If you lose your hold, fall down and you have to start all over again. You want to start again. Cause bouldering arrests you, just like Fifty Shades of Grey. And this is when you start playing our song.

GENTIC is bouldering to the core. The brand that was always there, which always stands up again, no matter how hard it falls. We are bringing our experience from the climbing halls into our seams. We are producing outfits that work in any wall.


Our aim.

It cannot be that hard to manufacture stylish boulder wear, that at the same time suits the specific aspects of this sport perfectly. Proof of this statement from A-Z can be found in our catalogue. Things like different length of the front and the back part, a waistband that just fits right, or a larger neckline. This is our business. And no labels scratching your neck, but wisely simply sewn in (it can all be so simple).

All the things that we were missing as athletes in the wall, are now showing up in our collection. And if you baptize our textiles in your sweat, we have done everything right.


Our ambition.

We love the anarchy of the climbing scene. Yeah, we are talking about you. GENTIC ain’t no big industry kind of thing. Of course, our base of operations is not the kitchen table either. We are professionals, but at the same time we are two enthusiastic climbers. Having white chalk finger tips year round. Word.

And we are using only fair traded fabrics, with short distances of transportation and produced with as less environmental pollution as possible. Bouldering is a disarmingly plain thing to do. Only the wall and you. If you fall, you made a mistake. No excuses. Your gear is never an excuse. And so we produce our stuff in a way that allows no excuses either.






Our history.

GENTIC already existed at a time when nobody could even spell »bouldering« properly in Germany. We started back in 1988 in Munich and were close to the action when guys like Gerhard Hörhager, Thomas and Alexander Huber, or François Legrand brought this sport to perfection. But then the founder and driving force behind GENTIC, Wolfgang Müller, had a horrible climbing accident. A rock went through his helmet and right into his skull. He survived, but GENTIC as a company was dead.

But now we are back. We relaunched the label in the summer of 2015. The icon of the 90’s has returned. Our technique sure has developed, but our enthusiasm and our unbroken will are still the same. A fascination of moving that you only understand if you take it in your own hands.

But while you read this (which is most appreciated), somebody else is just solving a problem. So what are you still doing here? Order your shirt, grab your stuff, and get going. The wall is waiting for you.